School Staff                      September 2017 - 2018                 

Meet the staff at our school.

Ms C McLachlan,  Headteacher

Mr I Tetlow, Head of School

Miss J Canavan,  Deputy Headteacher & Designated Child Protection Officer

Mrs A Van Hecke, Maths Co-ordinator 

Mrs C Green,  Literacy Co-ordinator (Designated Child Protection Officer in Miss Canavan's     absence)


Key Stage 1 & Early Years Foundation Staff

Miss A Cheetham, Reception Teacher: RC

Mrs C Gray, Reception Teacher: RG

Mrs P Shields, Teacher Support: Reception

Mrs K Oss, Teacher Support: Reception

Mrs J Prax, Teacher Support: Reception

Mrs H Cook, Teacher Support: 1A

Miss R Robson, Year 1 Teacher: 1A

Mrs G Friend & Mrs S Tetlow, Year 1 Teacher: 1B

Mrs T Savage, Teacher Support: 1B

Miss M McGadie, Year 2 Teacher: 2A

Mrs C Humphries, Teacher Support: 2A

Mrs Z Mawdsley & Mrs A Van Hecke, Year 2 Teacher: 2B


Key Stage 2 Staff

Miss L Harrison (Mrs A Naeem covering MAT leave), Year 3 Teacher: 3B

Mrs P Duffy, Year 3 Teacher: 3A

Mrs C Bentley, Year 3 Teacher Support

Mrs J Frank,  Year 4 Teacher: 4A

Mrs L Switzer, Year 4 Teacher: 4B

Mrs C Gibbons, Year 5 Teacher: 5A

Mr D Randall, Year 5 Teacher: 5B

Miss A Egan, Year 6 Teacher: 6A

Ms C Kirwin,  Year 6 Teacher: 6B

Mrs F Tahir, Teacher Support: Year 3

Mrs C Taylor, Teacher Support: Year 6

Mrs S Schofield, Learning Mentor


Teacher Support

Mrs D Kerr

Ms D Newton-Giller

Mr D Gillon

Mrs A Nott, Pastoral Support


Special Support Assistants

Mrs J Firth: Year 1

Mrs S Milson, Year 1

Mrs E Rogerson, Year 2

Miss A Atkinson, Year 3 & 6

Mrs F Tahir, Year 5

Ms C Holt, Year 5

Miss R Lacey, Year 6

Miss A  Atkinson, Year 6

Office Staff

Mrs D Cartwright: School Business Manager

Mrs J McCoy: Administrator

Mrs A Caveney: Administrator

Premises Staff

Mr N Hunt: Site Manager

Mrs E Fletcher: Cleaner

Mrs D Haslam: Cleaner 

Out Of School Club (OOSC)

Mrs J Collins: Manager

Mrs L Roberts: Manager

Mrs C Reynolds: Deputy Manager

Mrs Y Jamil

Mrs K Oss

Mrs H Cook

Mrs Y Howarth

Mrs H Porter

Mrs J Prax

Mrs J Williams

Mrs A Carlile

Mrs F Koka

Mrs J Robertson

Lunchtime Support Staff

Ms V Lane

Mrs F Tahir

Mrs J Robertson

Mrs H Cook

Mrs Y Howarth

Mrs V Openshaw

Ms B Quinn

Mrs Y Jamil

Mrs S Milson

Mrs Tonge

Mrs Turnbull