Governors' Responsibilities

The main duties and responsibilities of a Governor are to:

  • Know and support the aims of the school, its mission statement and ensure that these are achieved.
  • Determine the overall direction and development of the school through good governance and clear strategic planning.
  • Promote and develop the school in order for it to grow and maintain its relevance in society.
  • Ensure that the school and its representatives function within the legal and regulatory framework of the sector and in line with the school’s governing document.
  • Act in the best interest of the school, beneficiaries and future beneficiaries at all times.
  • Maintain sound financial management of the school’s resources, ensuring expenditure is in line with its objectives, and investment activities meet accepted standard and policies.
  • Assist in the interviewing, appointing and monitoring of the work and activities of the senior staff.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality about all sensitive/confidential information received in the course of governors’ responsibilities to the school, and to accord with the conflicts of interest policy.
  • Contribute his or her expertise to the discussions of the Governing Body.

The full governing body meets once per term.  In addition there are 2 sub-committees - The School Improvement and Safeguarding Committee and the Resources Committee. These committees also meet once per term. Their roles are as follows:

School Improvement and Safeguarding Committee:  A committee operating under the delegation of the Full Governing Body to ensure that the school meets the requirements of the National curriculum, to receive reports on implementation of standards in all respects, to discuss safeguarding matters and reports to the Full Governing Body. Members: Chair; Mr C Campbell,  Mr J Mallon, Mr I Tetlow, Mr A Boroda, Mrs C Beattie, Mr J Gabrielides

Resources Committee: A committee operating under the delegation of the Full Governing Body to view progress on premises, school finance and personnel matters and reports back to the Full Governing Body. Members: Chair; Mr D Lester, Mr I Tetlow, Ms Stewart-Groen, Mr L Rickett, Mr S Baxter

Attendance and Declaration of Business Interests

Please click here to view our governors' table of attendance and business register for 2017 - 2018

Meet our governors......

Mr I Tetlow: Headteacher

Mr D Lester (Chair): Co-opted Governor, Chair and Pupil Premium

Mr C Campbell: Parent Governor: Vice Chair and Numeracy

Mrs C Beattie: Co-opted Governor: SEN, Child Protection and Looked After Children

Mr J Gabrielides: Staff Governor

Mr J Mallon: Science, Literacy and Health and Safety

Mr L Rickett: Parent Governor and Computing

Ms M Stewart-Groen Curriculum

Mr A Boroda:  Life Skills

Mr S Baxter:  Data & Assessment

Please click here to view the Register of Pecuniary Interests. (currently being updated)

Governing Body Handbook

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