With parents working from home and/or performing key worker roles whilst also educating their children we understand the demands placed on families during these difficult times.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce, beginning Monday 4th May, all of our home learning will move to an online platform named Seesaw.

This means parents do not have to study, prepare or find the resources sent out by class teachers.

Seesaw will allow pupils to access daily lessons in a virtual classroom set by their class teacher and - most importantly - it will allow teachers to do what they do best: teach, assess and communicate.

How will my child be able to access their online classroom?

First you (or they!) will need to download the Seesaw Class app.

If you don't want to do that your child can access through the internet (Google Chrome works best), just search for SeeSaw or head to and be sure your child selects student when asked to do so.

School will be in contact with you shortly to pass on your child's unique access code. It'll look something like this:

Just be sure to keep it safe! No one other than your child should have access to it!

How will I be able to see my child's school work and progress?

School will be in contact with you shortly to pass on your child's classroom code. Simply click the code and follow the onscreen prompts.

The code will look something like this:


You may want to download the Seesaw Parent and Family app  (and we suggest you do) but please be aware this is different to the Seesaw Class app your child uses.