General Letters

We will use this page to add any letters that are sent home whole school, although we are trying to use our weekly newsletter to provide information and updates.  Please click here to view our weekly newsletters.

Letter to Children - 10.7.20

Letter to Children - 3.7.20

Letter to Children - 26.6.20

Letter to Children - 19.6.20

Letter to Children - 12.6.20

Letter to Children - 5.6.20

Letter to Children - 22.5.20

Letter to Children - 15.5.20

Letter to Children - 8.5.20

Letter to Children - 1.5.20

Letter to Children - 24.4.20

Letter to Children - 3.4.20

Letter to children 27.03.20

Dolce KS1 letter

Dolce KS2 letter

 Letter 30.6.17



Please note there will only be copies of letters sent from school, and not any letters sent out from third parties.