Autumn Term 2019 


Letters and sounds Phase 2 

This week we have started phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. This is an important step in teaching children how to read and spell words. 

Below is an overview of the letter sounds that we will teach each week.

23rd  – 27th  Sept


30th Sept – 4th Oct


7th  – 11th Oct


14th – 17th  Oct

ck e,u,r,


28th Oct – 1st Nov

h b f ff

4th – 8th Nov

l ll ss



We will also practise reading some words ;

Tricky words – words that cannot be sounded out phonetically –I, no, go, to, the

Key words – words that we read or write frequently – a, at, is, it, in, and

The children can use the Phase 2 and 3 Letters and Sounds activity books with you at home to extend the learning done in school.

We will then begin Phase 3 phonics in the following order:

11th – 15th Nov

j v w x

18th – 22nd Nov

y z zz qu

25th – 29th Nov

ch sh th   ng

2nd – 6th Dec

ai ee igh   oa

9th – 13th Dec

oi oo oo ow